Introducing: The Supreme Collection

SUPREME: From Imagination To Reality

The leading manufacturer of decorative stone, Stone Master Global, has now applied digital printing technology in the production of stone. It is the only company in the world that has developed and implemented this pioneering solution on such a large scale.

In the past, Stone Master Global’s Collections have been derived from natural and industrial elements in neutral or traditional tones. While they have always featured a range of textures and design options, it wasn’t until now that the company introduced a new level of artistry beyond conventional stone concepts.




Although digital printing has existed previously for flat surfaces, such as ceramic and tile, the Supreme Collection opens up different arrangement possibilities by being the first in digital printing on a three-dimensional surface.





Aesthetically striking but also known for its durability, the Supreme Collection is a pre-sealed product to help protect the color and UV resistance, which will save time and cost for installation and maintenance. The product is lightweight and allows for jointless installation, making application simple and easy.

Stone Master Global will be launching and showcasing The Supreme Collection in February at The NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Located in the South Upper Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, show attendees are encouraged to stop by booth SU3213 to view the Supreme Collection and learn more about this amazing new product.

Be Inspired By ANYTHING.
Be Limited By NOTHING

The Supreme Line features 10 new colors that completely open up new arrangement possibilities, tailored to the preferences, style and character of the user. Check them out below!


BARI is a tile that, in combination with modern patterns, combines many colors, creating an amazing decorative wall accent. Perfect for modern rooms, which will add a timeless class and elegance. Can be used for interior applications.


CALAMA is a timeless and elegant product that will work in many rooms, and its subtlety and delicacy will perfectly highlight the beauty and classics of the interior. Can be used for interior applications.


GRAFFITI is a design for those who value independence and individuality. It is an ideal solution for finishing modern arrangements, loft-style interiors or youth spaces, emphasizing personality traits such as energy, unconventionality and courage. Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


LAGOS is inspired by the diversity found within nature, ideally suited to traditional spaces giving them warmth and harmony. Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


ROCKY is a product that is characterized by strength and unique character. With multi-threaded and unique nod to natural stone, ROCKY can find a place in any, even the most demanding, interior or facade design applications. Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


TOSCANIA is a timeless design applied to the modern structure of the pillow tile. It perfectly fits both classic and modern interior styles with its delicate structure creating a light and fresh feel to any space. Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


Can be used for interior and exterior applications.


Can be used for interior and exterior applications.

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