Artistic Manufactured Stone For Interior And Exterior Installation

Stone Master Global offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer and thin brick products for interior and exterior residential and commercial projects. Inspired by natural and industrial elements, our products come in a range of color and texture options that enhance the look and feel of any space. We have a collection for every design style.

The Stone Master brand began 25 years ago and we are proud of the quality European manufacturing standards we deliver to the global market. As our product offering has evolved over the years, we proudly present classic stone profiles in our Rustic collection. The Modern collection presents most current trends in stone profile and color. Timeless brick is offered in a variety of options in the Thin Brick collection.

Our newest #digiSTONE technology introduces a revolutionary application of digital printing for manufactured stone. SMG is the only company in the in the world that has developed and implemented this pioneering solution on such a large scale.

Whether you are a Developer, Builder, Architect, Designer, Contractor or Homeowner, SMG has the right product for your next project.

Imagination To Reality

Introducing Digital Printing for Manufactured Stone


Swimming against the current is no easy feat. Stone Master Global has started a revolution in how we see manufactured stone. We deliver a new level of artistry beyond traditional stone concepts.


Stone Master Global is the first company in the world to offer digital printing technology for manufactured stone medium.


This innovative technology places SMG at the forefront of the industry with an unprecedented opportunity in digital printing options. Any digital image can be printed.


As leaders of the digital printing revolution for manufactured stone, our vision is to replace traditional hand painting methods with digital printing. The Supreme line is forging a new path.