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Digitally Printed Manufactured Stone Has Arrived.
What Is #DigiSTONE?

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Created using a unique, advanced digital printing technology the Supreme line is a new, edgy take on stone veneer from Stone Master Global.

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Return On Investment With Stone Veneer

Return On Investment With Stone Veneer

Looking to give your home a facelift but not wanting to spend the big bucks? Then dressing your home with the latest in manufactured stone veneer is the way to go. In recent years stone veneer, or what is also commonly known as decorative stone, has become an increasingly popular product to be used in home improvement projects. When you think about the fact that it looks beautiful and has a great ROI, it is no surprise as to why stone veneer is such a hot product on the market today. Let’s Look At The Numbers Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report compares the average cost for 21 popular remodeling projects in more than 130 markets with the value those projects maintain at resale in 100 US markets. According to the 2018 report, manufactured stone veneer projects ranked second at 97.1% next to garage door replacement projects, which came in at 98.3%. This is based on the replacement of a 300 square foot continuous band of existing vinyl siding with stone veneer. This is an increase of almost 5% since Remodeling Magazine started measuring the cost vs. value of manufactured stone veneer in 2015. It is clear that more and more homeowners are looking for alternatives to the traditional siding replacement and stone veneer has gained majority of that market share in the past few years. This is in part due to the fact that with decorative stone you get the advantage of having the look of real stone without dealing with the expense that would come with installing a real stone exterior. The other great thing about manufactured stone veneer is that in many cases it can be used in both interior and exterior applications. With an array of styles and textures, manufactured stone veneer goes nicely with vinyl siding and can help to achieve almost any design style. This allows for a nearly limitless amount of options for upgrading any space of your home. Tips To Ensure You Get The Best ROI When Remodeling Your Home Whether you are undergoing a full remodel for the interior and exterior of your home, or you are just finally following through on that weekend home improvement project, there a few ways to make sure that you increase the value of your home: You will achieve the maximum ROI by spending money on the bathrooms and kitchen. Neither of these spaces require you to clad the entire room with manufactured stone veneer; most times just finishing a wall in a bold decorative stone will have the most positive impact. Installing stone veneer around a fireplace or in a basement bar will add the “wow” factor that the space was missing before. Even though it is more expensive than just painting the outside of your home, installing manufactured stone veneer over the exterior is sure to increase the resale value by a large percentage, with some surveys indicating that a new stone veneer could almost double your ROI. If you are really looking to capitalize and increase your ROI even more, make sure you pay attention to the smaller details. Clean and touch up door and window frames, update exterior light fixtures, and add some new plants to your yard that can provide a pop of color. Not looking to “go big”? A smaller project you can take on could be simply installing stone veneer around the front entry of your home or cladding the porch to make it stand out. For more related content check out our blog. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us today by calling 773-234-8719 to speak with a professional at Stone Master Global.

Introducing: The Supreme Collection

Introducing: The Supreme Collection

SUPREME: From Imagination To Reality The leading manufacturer of decorative stone, Stone Master Global, has now applied digital printing technology in the production of stone. It is the only company in the world that has developed and implemented this pioneering solution on such a large scale. In the past, Stone Master Global’s Collections have been derived from natural and industrial elements in neutral or traditional tones. While they have always featured a range of textures and design options, it wasn’t until now that the company introduced a new level of artistry beyond conventional stone concepts.       Although digital printing has existed previously for flat surfaces, such as ceramic and tile, the Supreme Collection opens up different arrangement possibilities by being the first in digital printing on a three-dimensional surface.         Aesthetically striking but also known for its durability, the Supreme Collection is a pre-sealed product to help protect the color and UV resistance, which will save time and cost for installation and maintenance. The product is lightweight and allows for jointless installation, making application simple and easy. Stone Master Global will be launching and showcasing The Supreme Collection in February at The NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Located in the South Upper Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, show attendees are encouraged to stop by booth SU3213 to view the Supreme Collection and learn more about this amazing new product. Be Inspired By ANYTHING. Be Limited By NOTHING The Supreme Line features 10 new colors that completely open up new arrangement possibilities, tailored to the preferences, style and character of the user. Check them out below! BARI BARI is a tile that, in combination with modern patterns, combines many colors, creating an amazing decorative wall accent. Perfect for modern rooms, which will add a timeless class and elegance. Can be used for interior applications. CALAMA CALAMA is a timeless and elegant product that will work in many rooms, and its subtlety and delicacy will perfectly highlight the beauty and classics of the interior. Can be used for interior applications. GRAFFITI GRAFFITI is a design for those who value independence and individuality. It is an ideal solution for finishing modern arrangements, loft-style interiors or youth spaces, emphasizing personality traits such as energy, unconventionality and courage. Can be used for interior and exterior applications. LAGOS LAGOS is inspired by the diversity found within nature, ideally suited to traditional spaces giving them warmth and harmony. Can be used for interior and exterior applications. ROCKY ROCKY is a product that is characterized by strength and unique character. With multi-threaded and unique nod to natural stone, ROCKY can find a place in any, even the most demanding, interior or facade design applications. Can be used for interior and exterior applications. TOSCANIA TOSCANIA is a timeless design applied to the modern structure of the pillow tile. It perfectly fits both classic and modern interior styles with its delicate structure creating a light and fresh feel to any space. Can be used for interior and exterior applications. OREGON Can be used for interior and exterior applications. ASPEN Can be used for interior and exterior applications. BASTEI Can be used for interior and exterior applications. DAKOTA Can be used for interior and exterior applications. For more related content check out our blog. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us today by calling 773-234-8719 to speak with a professional at Stone Master Global.

What Is Stone Veneer?

What Is Stone Veneer?

Who does not absolutely love the aesthetically pleasing qualities of natural stone? Fun Fact: You can more easily and cost-effectively achieve the feel & look of natural stone with manufactured stone-veneer! Stone veneer that has been manufactured is just as strikingly beautiful as the natural-stone that it in fact emulates. Stone veneer, also commonly referred to as a faux stone, is a material that is manmade and is specifically designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone in many architectural applications that range from unique statement walls to exterior façades. Certain stone veneer products will offer such a variety of sizes, shapes, & colors that even the most knowledgeable person can still have a difficult time differentiating faux stone from natural stone without close inspection. What Is Stone Veneer Made Of? Stone veneer that has been manufactured is made of light-weight natural aggregates, Portland Cement, and iron-oxide pigment for coloration. Stone veneer has an incredibly long background and history. In the 19th century, the very first stone veneer was manufactured and made of natural stone. Natural stone was sliced into thick-cut slabs by manufacturers. It was not until the 19050’s that cement start to become a part of the stone veneer composition. Cement unlike thick cut natural stone, can’t be used structurally even though it gives stability to architectural stone. The natural stone products at Stone Masters Global are selected carefully through a process that captures the smallest detail from the surface of the original version of the stone. Where To Use Stone Veneer Builders and architects take advantage of the lightweight and the adaptability of manufactured stone to use it in a variety of ways past what are just chimneys and foundations. Stone veneer can be installed over wood framed and metal walls and over masonry substrates of CMU brick or block. You can also install it over poured concrete only with the right installation steps and procedures. If you are a builder and your architectural plans ask for stone placement in areas that are prone to moisture such as walls near hot tubs or pools, then it may be a good idea to tend to stone veneer with non-film forming, silane-based, breather like masonry sealant to help increase its durability. Exposure to chlorine and other chemicals can discoloration and fading. If you have chosen to use manufactured stone anywhere near spas or pools then be very careful with chemicals and not spilling them on the stone. If an accidental spill occurs, immediately hose the stone off. Faux Stone Vs Natural Stone Stone veneer even with its design flexibility, will in most cases only run you a third to half of the cost of natural stone. Stone veneer, just like natural stone is virtually maintenance free. Building and homeowners, occasionally have to wash down the surface as to remove dirt or dust. Just at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of natural stone (once installed), manufactured stone will help builders and architects with cost efficiencies all the while not having to sacrifice any custom details. Stone veneer has a two percent waste factor when compared to a whopping ten percent or more from that of natural stone. The popularity of stone veneer is steadily increasing in the masonry industry due to its design versatility, affordability, and speed of installation. It is still important to keep in mind that not all stone products have the same quality as stone veneer. Anytime you are purchasing stone veneer from a manufacturer, pay close attention to the pattern, thickness, repetition, & coloration. For more related content check out our blog. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us today by calling 773-234-8719 to speak with a professional at Stone Master Global.

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